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One Of The Best Slack Alternatives

Slack has become the platform that more than 12 million people use and it has risen to the top of the team collaboration business, simplifying people’s jobs and increasing their productivity. 

However, not everyone is fully satisfied with Slack. Some people start to feel get lost in Slack and people stop answering/reacting which increases the number of passive employees in the organization. 

In addition to communication throughout the organization decision-making process became a crucial part and many organizations are suffering from this process. Employees feel unengaged and do not own the work indirectly. Managers have the last word which creates a gap between the developer team and executives. 

Slack partially solved the communication problem but for the decision, but people cannot reach a decision through Slack. It has a decision bot in it but it gets lost in the app. Alternatively, organizations especially executives manage the decision-making process via never-ending numerous meetings. It just leads to time-wasting sometimes, many meetings were ended without any decision-making. 

If you’re in the same situation, Huudle could be a good alternative for you. Huudle is a native app that helps you to stop never-ending pointless meetings and wait for others. You can make faster and better decisions by including your colleagues in collective decision-making, and easily initiate decisions. As a result, it will increase your team performance by making decision-making the focus of team interactions! You do not need to worry about keeping some documentation for this Huudle do it for you. It does not have to be a decision making you can discuss, decide and act collectively. It brings agility to your organization and supports team performance.  

For all, we are working on it to open a new door in the business world. To be the first to know when we go public and catch the opportunity to move faster you can visit our landing page on product hunt and subscribe to be a part of our waiting list! 🙌🏻

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