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Most Effective Team Management Tools Every Team Should Have

Effective teaming is crucial for successful outcomes and for maintaining a positive company culture and an environment that encourages employee engagement to the fullest. But how do we reach effective teaming and promote healthy results? Here are the most effective and widely-used team collaboration and project management tools that have unique abilities and features and will make sure things get done promptly.

How Do I Choose the Best Tool for My Team?

It is advised to focus on the following criteria when choosing between the best teaming toolss on the market:

  • 1. Usability: The team collaboration and task management tool you choose should be ultra-user-friendly in order to get your team up and running fast. This does not mean that the tool should have tons of features. Instead, launching and using the tool should be a breeze.
  • 2. Effective user interface: The UI of the process is just as important as the UX. Teaming requires a smooth user experience that updates in real-time, customized and personalized based on user needs, and streamlines good communication. When using the teaming tool, team members should easily collaborate and not get lost in communication.
  • 3. Integrations: The team management tool you use needs to be easily implemented with some other popular applications such as Google Drive, and Microsoft Office tools since teamwork rarely relies on just one tool.
  • 4. Price & performance balance: Are there multiple pricing tiers for easy scalability as your team expands? Is the price appropriate for the features and the capabilities you have purchased? Is the price suitable for all common platforms such as iOS, and Android? These are just several questions that you need to ask yourself when choosing an ideally price-performance balanced teaming tool.

Benefits of Using a Teaming Tool: Why Would I Need a Tool for Managing My Team?

Ask yourself this: Do I end up wasting a ton of precious time in searching my e-mails, organizing post-its, and figuring out which task to do first and which ones to sidetrack? Do we lost in communication? Interacting frequently, but not enough progress? If your answer to these questions is yes, then you are in desperate need of some assembling teaming tools and techniques. Now, let’s dive in the most popular and effective teaming tools handpicked by our experts:

7 Most Effective Teaming Support Tools

1. Huudle

Huudle brings fun to your team by making the decision-making process more effective. Teams make dozens of decisions every week and it is the decisions make us succeed. Research shows that the organizations that make decisions faster are twice as likely to make high-quality decisions, which means acting faster can actually make you decide faster – and better. Huudle’s user-friendly interface and transparent design offer agility and strong engagement, helping you focus on what matters the most and what motivates different parties of your team. With the smart decision-making process Huudle offers, you can choose the best decision-making model for your context, start a new decision-making process easily, and quickly vote for a decision within your team. You can also boost collective intelligence by involving your teammates to make decisions together, comment on ongoing discussions, and propose new options to be evaluated. Huudle puts decisions at the core of your team interactions, and helps you proceed effectively while collectively working.

2. nTask

nTask is a simple yet intuitive team management tool that aims smart teams. You can enjoy the ability to create as many workspaces and teams as you wish, even for different departments in your company and for various work purposes. It can also be used for personal and professional objectives and to manage single or multiple projects. Risk management, meeting management, and issue tracking are some of the additional key features that nTask offers next to team management options.

3. Chanty

An all-in-one collaboration platform with a built-in task manager, Chanty lets you discuss any task in a related flow with relevant team members and assign tasks to any team member while filtering them by people, dates, and statuses. With Chanty, you can turn any message into a task with a simple click of a button. It also has a Kanban board that offers a flexible method to manage all of your tasks from one place. The main key features of Chanty include presenting tasks as a Kanban board, a task discussion flow, and assigning a team member, setting a priority or a due date to a certain task.

4. Basecamp

When speaking of team time management tools, it is impossible to conduct a list without mentioning Basecamp. One of the best team organization tools on the market, Basecamp is a tool you can use to manage multiple projects’ tasks simultaneously. It is quite popular for its ability to make teams most productive and organized instantly. You can see everything related to key projects with an overall Activity view field, create multiple to-do lists and set due dates for tasks, share files and documents, and automate check-ins into the app. In addition to allowing you to manage almost everything regarding your job with ease, Basecamp also helps you stay in touch with your team using DM’s and group chats.

5. Trello

With Trello, you can get even the minute-to-minute details of projects thanks to its lists, cards, and boards. It is one of the best team management tools used worldwide with a minimalist design and custom workflows. Trello allows you to organize and prioritize projects in a flexible and rewarding way, including key features such as overall board views, customizable Trello cards, no-code automation, and power-ups. While it has fewer in-built features compared to other team management tools and is not that suitable for larger teams, Trello’s great overview of tasks and projects and customizable dashboard options still help it secure a place on this list.

6. ProofHub

A dedicated project management and team collaboration tool, Proofhub offers a variety of leading features that assist you in managing projects and tasks efficiently. From visualizing tasks moving through different stages of the workflow to set the start and due dates of tasks, ProofHub offers a simple yet well-capable interface that manages all of your responsibilities in one place. ProofHub is usually meant for remote, in-house, and cross-functional teams and can be used by various industries. One of the benefits of using ProofHub is that anyone who wants to manage projects and tasks can make optimum use without jumping through any extra hoops.

7. Slack

Last but not least, Slack is a great team management tool for remote communications. It is a cloud-based collaboration tool specifically designed to improve communication across teams and departments. In addition to broad chat options, Slack offers hacks and shortcuts for effective team collaboration in order to support enhanced productivity levels. With Slack, you can converse and share PDFs, images, documents, and spreadsheets with an easy drag-and-drop feature, basically evolving into a smart and contemporary alternative to e-mails.